• I am expecting soon—who will see my baby in the hospital?

During pre-registration at the delivering hospital, hospital staff will ask if you have a pediatrician.  If you mention Dr. Sirsy’s name, he will be notified, and your newborn will be seen by him.  Dr. Sirsy makes his rounds at St. Rose, Valley & Sunrise Hospitals. If at other hospitals, your newborn will be seen by the on-call pediatrician but you can still set an appointment to see Dr. Sirsy at his office when your newborn is 5 days of age. 

  • What should I do if I plan to have my child circumcised?

Circumcision is no longer done in the hospital at birth. It is usually done at the pediatrician’s office during your son’s second office visit within 30 days of birth.  After 30 days of age, the circumcision will be performed by a specialist.  Dr. Sirsy has been doing circumcisions for many years; the procedure takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

  • How long is the wait at ABC Pediatrics?

ABC Pediatrics believes that if you come in on your appointment time, you should be seen right away.  Wait times may also depend on your insurance verification status or personal information changes, as well as emergencies in the office.  ABC staff is instructed not to allow more than a 30 minute wait.

  • Do you accept my insurance?

We accept all insurances except HPN-HMO.

  • I am worried about billing. What about my copay and deductible?

All insurances have varying policies regarding copays and deductibles, all based on “eligibility.” It is wise to personally check with your insurance to verify your copay and deductible.  Sometimes it is uncomfortable to pay on arrival, but already knowing your financial responsibilities based on your insurance coverage will streamline the process and your child will be seen faster.  Our front office staff will check on your insurance and collect your copay and deductible—if you have any changes in your address, phone number, or primary/secondary insurance, please inform us.  If you are not insurance eligible at the time of your visit, your insurance will ask that you pay for the visit in cash.  You will be refunded as soon as your insurance becomes eligible and agrees to cover your child’s visit retroactively. 

  • How soon can I add my new born baby to insurance?

As soon as possible (within 30 days) to avoid any insurance claim rejection and to successfully submit an insurance claim in a timely manner.

  • Do I have to pay my copay and deductible to be seen?

Yes, in order to be seen, you are obligated to pay your copayment or deductible contracted by your insurance company.

  • Can I reach the doctor over the weekend/afterhours?

Yes, by dialing the office phone number and pressing one, you shall be connected to the on call doctor. Your child may be seen on the weekends by contacting the on call doctor.


If you have any more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!